How Does Infographics Help You in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?


Children are fond of images; hence, children’s books are illustrated in vibrant colors. Most people arevisual learners. When we say visual learners, these are individuals who can easily understand concepts and ideas through images. With people often attracted to a reading material with images, this has given rise to infographics.

Today’s digital world has made used of infographics quite remarkably. In digital marketing, infographics has played a vital role in a brand’s name. Infographics can be used in different ways. There are people who use this to present a data-rich visualization of an idea. Some use infographics as a tool for education. Like mentioned earlier, most people are visual learners, so they tend to learn more with images. Finally, infographics is an effective tool to build brand awareness for marketing campaigns.

Infographics and digital marketing campaign are a strong combination. How does infographics become an advantage in a digital marketing campaign?

  •  Most people are not attracted to wordy ads. People are visual creatures that they prefer reading content with graphics or images. These graphical representations have higher possibilities to stay in the public’s memory. Since a lot are interested in infographics, using this to a particular marketing campaign will surely be effective.
  • 90% of information that retains in one’s brain is all acquired visually. Thus, investing on infographics assures marketers a higher chance of getting remembered by the audience.
  • Infographics that makes use of a company’s information such as their logo increases brand awareness. The public remembers pictures better than their actual names because of impact of the graphic that has stuck pretty well in their retention.
  • Infographics make it easier for your audience to understand the campaign. Some ads might end up confusing the target market of a product or service being advertised. Long lines of texts do not appeal as the market can get tired of reading or might not get the point of the advertising.
  • Infographics attract people in the social media networks. Images that are catchy and interesting are easily shared, retweeted, reposted or pinned in different social media sites. This spread of a particular infographic reaches more people in just a matter of hours. The more people sharing it on social media sites, the more visits or popularity the advertising campaign gets.

There are some infographics that go viral because of how smart these campaign ads are made. Here are some tips how to make your infographics popular in the web.

  •  Make sure to create campaign ads that are interesting, catchy, and unique headings or titles
  •  Consider the target audience: age group, gender, and race to name some.
  • Make use of the social media as information spreads quickly with millions of users always online.
  •  Carefully choose colors to be used in the campaign. Dull colors are not attractive and make your ad boring.
  • Do not write long content for your infographic. Though you invest on quality images or data, do not overdo it as it may be an eyesore with all graphics placed in a single ad campaign.
  •  Build links to different websites and blogs to get more shares and visits to your ad campaign.

A successful digital marketing campaign always makes use of a visually engaging and appealing infographic that directly interprets the subject matter to be easily understood by the target audience.