Layman’s Term: What is SEO?

A friend of mine likes to create blogs. It is her hobby to write stuff about places she has been to and restaurants she has tried. I enjoy reading her blog and even put some comments on her posts. Her blog is actually great with all the write-ups and pictures; however, most of my friends cannot find her blog once it is searched on both Google and Yahoo. This made us into thinking how websites, like those of big multimillion companies, can get their websites on top searches on search engines. This is where another friend of ours introduced the term SEO.


SEO, as what my friend explained, stands for search engine optimization. It sounded rocket science at first, but after he explained the concept, my friend and I now realized the reason why her website cannot be seen on search engines.

Basically, SEO is a technique used by professionals (SEO specialists) that will let search engines like Google and Yahoo find your website – or a blog which my friend has. Once a website is launched, the work does not end there. A client should consider getting SEO services to optimize or make your website good and able to be searched by the mentioned searched engines. My friend’s blog has to be visible on the Internet. When people get to read about her blog, then the blog will gain more traffic – the number of visits a webpage gets. When one website gets a lot of traffic, its rank increases as it reaches the top pages. My friend told us that it will take time but it is possible.

Further, SEO makes your website found by people. When a person searches something online, they type words on the search bar. For example, I want to search about food and travel blog. I have to key in food and travel blog. The search engine will then present me blogs about food and travel. These are pages that are relevant to my search. To be relevant, the page needs to have the words I typed in their content. This means that once the page has the keyword, it will be included in the searched pages. This is possible with tags used on the website. Further, SEO specialists even use Facebook and Twitter to be found online. They create pages on the sites mentioned and link it to the blog or website. This is the reason why websites have social media pages linked to their websites. It helps increase the number of people visiting their websites.

With this in mind, my friend asked some help to have her blog optimized. Every time she writes a blog, she uses some keywords that will be helpful in locating her blog. Further, she even made her own page on Twitter and Facebook and linked these to her blog. She was surprised to see a lot of people visiting her blog leaving their comments. Though her page has not reached the top ranks, of which I think might need a lot of time, her blog can be searched online with the help of the keywords our friend suggested. Indeed, SEO is a great help in making your website, or even blogs, known to the Internet world.


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