What are the Best Programming Language Tools in Developing a Responsive Website?

Any entrepreneur understands the pressure of running their own business. There is a great deal of time and money to be given to start a business. Entrepreneurs have to think of ways to let the general public know that their company exists. Different marketing strategies are pitched in to find the most effective way to attract customers.

One effective way in reaching the public is thorough building a company website. The company website is a perfect avenue for people to know about the company, the products and services it offer, and the ways on how to contact your company. With this convenience it has to offer, finding a person to create your website is important. These professionals should be the best in making plans and design that will make your website accessible and available to your target audience.

Web developers use quite a number of programs and software to create a website. Amongst all of these, the most important thing that they consider is the websites quick response time. This means that it will only take a few seconds for the website to be loaded on one’s browser and start navigating through the pages. There is quite a number of programming language tools that they use. Some websites are very fast to load, while some takes some time before you can browse through the pages. For many clients, webpages should be quick to download as they might not be patient enough to wait for it to load. Web developers know a lot of programming language tools, yet, these three are known to be the best in developing a responsive website.


source: geoawesomeness.com

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) This is an open source general-purpose scripting language that is best used for web development and can be embedded together with HTML. What web programmers can create with PHP is dynamic web pages. Further, PHP commands can be embedded within a standard HTML page. PHP can be learned by anyone as long as they have strong basic programming skills. Any web hosting sites and blogs online are sure to use PHP.

JavaScript Being the programming language of HTML and the Web, JavaScript is very handy for any web programmers since it is so easy to understand. It is basically used to design interactive websites. It is very compatible with HTML source code making a website very dynamic and interactive to its users. Further, JavaScript is commonly used in analytics servers that records traffic statistics on the web.

Python This programming language has become popular to many web programmers because of the clarity of its syntax and its reliability. It is an interpreted and object-oriented programming language. A lot has been said that this tool is very portable since it can be interpreted on different operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows. Best of all, usage of Python is for free. Users are able to create custom plug-ins and extensions.

These three are very essential in creating a website. Web programmers and developers are very knowledgeable on different techniques on how to use these platforms. It is important for the entrepreneur to understand the basic programming languages to have a background understanding of what helps a website accessible, manageable and responsive to its viewers.

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